ULMS Schedule

2017 ULMS Schedule

More Dates TBA and Subject to Change

April 15 Mercer Raceway Park (Chiller Thriller)  – Dave Hess Jr.
April 28 Thunder Mtn Speedway $3000 to Win – Boom Briggs
April 29 Pittsburgh PA Motor Speedway (Red Miley Rumble) – Rain
May 26 Freedom Motorsports Park (Ron Baker Memorial)Rain


June 17 Pittsburgh PA Motor Speedway (Herb Scott Memorial) Alex Ferree
June 18 Eriez Speedway (Dick Litz Memorial $2900 to Win)Rain

June 30 Thunder Mtn ($3000 to Win) Jared Miley
July 1 Hesston Speeway ($3000 to Win) Dave Hess Jr.
July 2 Eriez Speedway (Mike Farr Memorial $4100 to win ) Jared Miley

July 6 Genesee County Speedway (NY) Brady Wonderling
July 13 McKean County Raceway Rain
July 14 Freedom Motorsports Park Max Blair

August 15 Freedom Motorsports Park Dave Hess Jr.
Sept 3 Dog Hollow Speedway  (Connor Bobik Memorial)
Sept 15 Thunder Mtn Speedway (Eric Witherite Memorial)
Sept 16 Freedom Motorsport Park
Sept 22 Eriez Speedway (Dick Litz Memorial $4000 to win)
Sept 23 Eriez Speedway (September Sweep $6000 to win)

MCR 12th Annual Fall Classic

Sept 28 McKean County Raceway $1500 (ULMS 10 show up points)
Sept 29 McKean County Raceway $3000 USMC Corporal Jason Dunham Memorial
Sept 30 McKean County Raceway $3000 13th Annual Stephanie Eckl Memorial