Hammett, PA (September 23, 2017):

The first Bob Rohrer Memorial was run with a full evening of Zimmer Service Center ULMS Super Late Model Series.

On lap eleven, in memory of Bob Rohrer, a bonus was paid to the highest-running Eriez Speedway “regular”. The bonus was made possible by the following, who each contributed $100: Rich Gardner, Andy Kania (Steve Kania Racing), Max Blair (Team Blair Racing), Ralph Kerr (Team Blair Racing), Brandon Groters (Phantom Graphics), Toby Jordan, Troy Johnson (2J Racing), Bill Drohn, Richie Niemeyer (Niemeyer’s Garage), Tom & Laurie Woolslayer, Eriez Speedway. That $1100 bonus was collected by Max Blair, driver of the 111, making his total winnings for the night $7111.

The largest crowd of the season all stood in honor of Bob Rohrer, owner and promoter since 2006, at lap eleven. Rohrer had taken the speedway, purchased in April 2006, run down and looking at a bleak future, revitalized the grounds and building, and turned the Sunday night tradition into a first-rate speedplant. Five-time track champion Rich Gardner, running the final Eriez event of his storied 41-year career, suffered mechanical failure during his heat event and Bobby Rohrer, son of Bob Rohrer, failed to qualify for the feature. A visiting driver, in honor of Rohrer’s memory, donated $350 to the posted purse so that Gardner (one of the fans favorite drivers) and Rohrer could start the race that was very significant to both. Dutch Davies had not qualified for the feature so donated his ride to Gardner for the event. Although neither driver finished the race, the generosity of their fellow drivers will long be remembered.

The final feature of the 2017 season was the Jay’s Auto Wrecking/ULMS Zimmer Service Center Super Late Models with an advertised winner’s purse of $6011 plus an $1100 bonus for the highest running Eriez regular at lap 11. 11 was the car number used by owner/promoter Bob Rohrer during his career as a driver. An anonymous donor contributed $350 to the purse to allow five-time Eriez Champion Rich Gardner to run the feature on the last night of his Eriez career, having announced his retirement after his 41- year career. With Gardner’s usual car suffering mechanical failure during the heat, he was offered the use of Dutch Davies’ car to make his final start at his home track. The same donor requested that Bobby Rohrer be added to the field for the memorial event for his father, Eriez Speedway owner Bob Rohrer. Bobby Rohrer and Gardner led the four-wide salute to the fans, then joined the tail of the field. Jared Miley and and Alex Feree led the race to green with Miley leading Feree and Max Blair through lap two when John Lobb spun coming out of turn four. The top five for the green were Miley, Feree, Blair, Jake Finnerty, and Russell King, the night one winner. Blair was second after three laps Wyatt Scott getting by King for fifth. Scott got to fourth at seven laps with Miley beginning to lap back markers at lap ten. Doug Eck suddenly slowed coming out of turn four bringing yellow before the leaders got to the stripe. The top five now was Miley, Blair, Feree, Scott and Finnerty. The $1100 bonus for the highest placed Eriez regular at lap eleven went to Max Blair, running second at that lap. Miley was leading the way at twelve laps when caution again showed, this time for Steve Kania, Bumpy Hedman, Rich Gardner, and John Lobb, piled up in turn four. At fourteen laps Feree was by Blair for second. At 21-laps Feree got back to second. Then Blair was second again two laps later. At halfway the order was Miley, Blair, Feree, Mike Pegher, and Scott. Blair was alongside Miley at 32 laps and leading at 33. With ten to go it was Blair, Miley, Feree, Greg Oakes, and Scott. Feree came to second at 44 laps. At five to go Blair enjoyed a quarter lap lead. Greg Oakes got by Feree with three laps remaining then caution flew a lap later when Andy Boozel spun in turn three, setting up a green-white-checkers run. For the final two laps it was Blair, Feree, Miley, Oakes, and Scott. On the final sprint to the checkers Miley got back by Feree for second.

Plyler Entry Systems & Bonnell’s Auto Group September Sweep Day 2 Results!

Zimmer Service Center ULMS Super Late Models:
Time Trials top five: Matt Lux 15.4290, Jared Miley 15.554, Mike Pegher 15.580, Wyatt Scott 15.589, Max Blair 15.592

Heat 1: Jake Finnerty, Matt Lux, Andy Boozel, Chris Hackett, Steve Kania. John Lobb, John Weaver, Rich Gardner
Heat 2: Alex Feree, Wyatt Scott, Greg Oakes, Brady Wonderling, Colton Flinner, Dave DuBois, Eric Andrus
Heat 3: Max Blair, Jared Miley, Dave Hess, Doug Eck, Dutch Davies, Matt Latta, Bobby Rohrer
Heat 4: Russ King, Mike Pegher Jr, Darrell Bossard, Breyton Santee, Chad Wright, Bob Dorman, Bump Hedman
B-Main 1: Colton Flinner, Steve Kania, John Lobb, Eric Andrus, Dave DuBois, John Weaver, Rich Gardner(DNS)
B-Main 2: Matt Latta, Chad Wright, Bob Dorman, Bump Hedman, Bobby Rohrer, Dutch Davies

Feature: Max Blair, Jared Miley, Alex Feree, Greg Oakes, Wyatt Scott, Russell King, Matt Lux, Jake Finnerty, Dave Hess Jr, Darrell Bossard, Andy Boozel, Brady Wonderling. Breyton Santee, Colton Flinner, Steve Kania, Matt Latta, Rich Gardner, John Weaver, Doug Eck, Chris Hackett, Bob Dorman, John Lobb, Bobby Rohrer, Bump Hedman, Chad Wright